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The One Thing

The One Thing


I’ve owned The One Thing book for a few years and just hadn’t taken the time to read it. Once I did, I realized that

  1. I should have read it sooner, typical right?
  2. There were things in the book I had learned elsewhere but a light bulb clicked this time

My husband owns a real estate team, The Very Best Santa Fe , with Keller Williams and the team leader of the office in Santa Fe gave me this book to read. I immediately assumed that the book only had a real estate theme and I wouldn’t be able to apply it to my path of entrepreneurship. BOY WAS I WRONG!!

You’re probably wondering what I learned from the book, so let me share a few things with you!

  1. The most important thing I learned from this book is that you need to narrow down what you are focusing on. We each have goals that we want to achieve but sometimes we aren’t focused on the ‘one thing’ that is going to help us actually get this goal achieved. We need to look at the particular goal and determine what actions we need to do in order to accomplish it. Once we know what actions are needed, what is the one needle moving activity that will gain the most momentum to see the goal to completion.
  2. The importance of time blocking. Once you know the needle moving activity to reach your goal, the authors explain why it’s important to time block and spend a specific number of hours working on accomplishing the goal. This is the one way we can guarantee that we will reach our goal, the time is set aside for that specific purpose. It is important to protect this time because it is very easy for other things to creep their way into this time you’ve set aside.


So how have I applied the things I’ve learned into my life?

  1. I know that our number one goal this year is financial freedom. Brian and I sat down and talked about what financial freedom means to each of us so that we have a common understanding of why it is important. We also have a common understanding of what it will take to get us to our goal. We each have specific tasks that will help us as a family reach this goal. We have built a budget so that we know where every penny we bring in goes.
  2. Multi tasking doesn’t always work. As a society, we hear all the time how much people multi-task. Did you know that when you multi-task, switching from task to task takes about 20 minutes to really switch gears. Can you imagine how much more you could get done on the one task if you just stayed the course and completed it?

If you would like to read the book, here is a link to Amazon to purchase it: The One Thing

If you’ve read the book, share one take away with us!

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