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Why I choose to be a CPA

31 Mar Posted by in My story | Comments
Why I choose to be a CPA

FacebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinMany people ask me, why do you want to become a CPA?  My first experience with anything accounting related was in 7th grade.  My 7th grade math teacher had a part time job during tax season preparing taxes.  So as one of our in class assignments we learned how to prepare a 1040EZ.  11 year olds learning how to do taxes, sounds a little funny thinking back on it now. I wonder how many of the other students in the class have a love for accounting like I do because of this school assignment.

My freshman year I was involved with Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA).  I worked in the student store in the morning and during lunch.  I attended Nationals in Michigan that year, attending leadership classes.  The following year I enrolled in an accounting class as an elective.  This is when I decided I would become a CPA, the year was 1993. I stayed involved with DECA all through high school, again attending Nationals as a senior.  This time I had placed 3rd at our State competition with a marketing presentation.  At Nationals I placed in the 10% of Nationals in this category. While a senior I also kept the books for the student DECA store, under the direction of Michael Vialpando.

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