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Making Mom Strong

08 Jul Posted by in Friday Focus | Comments
Making Mom Strong

Hi!  My name is Jennifer Gabrys.  I am a Physical Therapist, a Mom, and the Co-Founder of Making Mom Strong.

Making Mom Strong is a business that helps women to regain abdominal muscle and core strength after having a baby. We offer high quality education to help women gain a strong foundation to help them return to their prior exercise and activities without causing problems.

My inspiration for creating Making Mom Strong was my own struggles after having having my two kids. I had a Cesarean section and other injuries after giving birth.  I became very aware of the challenges of postpartum recovery in my friends and my clients in the Physical Therapy clinic.  Plus, I started to see the connection between older women’s degenerative problems and the fact that they never regained strength after having their babies decades ago.
With my business partner, Meghan Haid Sterling, we started Making Mom Strong in 2010 with teaching local postpartum classes.  We started our website and blog in 2013, officially became an LLC in 2014 and created our own exercise program in 2015.
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