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Kiss Me Honey

17 Jun Posted by in Friday Focus | Comments
Kiss Me Honey

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I am taking time on Friday’s to share with you some of the businesses that I love to work with. I personally started using Kiss Me Honey Lip Balm over a year ago and refuse to use anything else. I appreciate that the ingredients are all natural and chemical free. I just recently encouraged my 12 year old daughter to take one of my lip balms and now she only uses this for her lips.

Kellie was born and raised in my home town, so I have an extra tie and appreciation for her & her business. Here is a little more about Kellie:

  1. What inspired you to build your business?

My inspiration came from my son when he was 2 years old eating and playing with all my lip balms. As I started to search for the ingredients, many didn’t have them on the packaging or container  and if they did I could barely pronounce them. I started researching these and realized most lip balms are toxic and some don’t use real ingredients, just chemicals. I knew I could at least create something better for my son to eat, lol.

  1. 12046596_10206114295314238_6019630790865538727_nWhen did you begin your journey to entrepreneurship?

My journey of entrepreneurship began in 2014. I started in my kitchen. I gathered organic fair trade ingredients that had great properties and started melting away. With many failed batches and some research I finally created a batch that I liked. My husband (business man) said, “it’s not about what you like everyone else’s has to like it!” This sparked me to give samples to everyone!! It all started from here…I received constructive feedback, had a vision of what I would like my packaging to look like, which was a green beauty item that looked trendy and bold!

  1. Who does your business serve?

My business serves anyone who is looking for cleaner products either for themselves, their children, or trying to remove toxic items for products with minimal ingredients that really work. I have a diverse group of green beauty lovers, o makeup artists who use Kiss Me Honey as a safe lip primer before applying lipstick. Many moms approve of my product so I love my little Kids Me Honey lovers. Believe it or not I have a small group of men who love it! Because there’s no high shine or color.

To learn more about the lip balm follow her on social media:




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