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Hammer and chisel

18 Jan Posted by in Fitness | Comments
Hammer and chisel

The Start

We all start at the beginning in every journey. We decided to start a workout program called Hammer and Chisel to kick of 2017.

The best thing about the workout is I get to complete it at home. With four kids and working full time, making sure that I have time for me is important but it also needs to be convenient. Another great thing is Brian and I get to do the workout together.

It’s a 60 day program with one day of rest. The workouts range in duration from 30 to 40 minutes each. Every muscle in the body is worked during each workout. I am focusing on leaning out during the program but Brian is focusing on bulking up and building muscle mass. We don’t have to change the type of workout we are doing but we are changing how we each fuel our bodies to achieve the results we want.

It’s important to make sure to take measurements and before pictures when you’re starting a new workout. Nine times out of 10 you’ll see more outward results, then results on the scale. So knowing your numbers and having those pictures helps you see the progress you are making, even if the scale isn’t changing much.









1/9/2017 – Day 1

Weight 125
Chest 32 1/2
Waist 30
Hips 34 1/2
10 1/2 Right
10 Left









Don’t be afraid to make the decision to start on your fitness journey, you won’t regret it! The journey is taken one step at a time but progress is made with each one. I am here to coach, encourage and motivate you through the process, so leave a comment or email me so we can work together.

JUMP and decide to take care of you because you are the only one that can!

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